A Note from Randy & Roma 

Randy and Roma Amundson live on an acreage just 3 miles southeast of Lincoln.  They purchased this acreage in 1984, raised two kids – along with dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and other assorted “critters.” 

Now they raise bees – about 500,000! – in 6-8 hives, and in the fall, they have luscious honey for family and friends.  Along with bee keeping, their hobbies also include wood-working, gardening, landscaping, traveling, and photography.  As closing gifts, they like to give their clients assorted products of their hobbies!

Both are retired military.  Randy completed 30 years in the Nebraska Army National Guard, and Roma completed 33 years.  They now are a team of Realtors working in Lincoln and the surrounding area.

Roma began her Real Estate career in 1996 with Home Real Estate, and after Randy completed his active duty work with the National Guard, he joined Home Real Estate also.  Randy’s experience in construction, drafting, and architecture provides him with excellent perspectives on house structure, repairs, and needed inspections.  Roma focuses more on the presentation of the home and is primarily involved in the sales and marketing aspects.

Both are dedicated to meeting the needs and objectives of their clients – to facilitate the sale and purchase of homes in accordance with the needs of their clients and financial capabilities.

They say, “We strive to make the selling and buying processes fun, enjoyable, and trouble-free.  We are interested in serving the clients!”